Playing God

“We Remain Such Gluttons For The Generous Threat Of Being Supreme Beings, Safe, Susceptible
Subject To A Man Mold Maker With A Tendency Toward The More Dramatic Side Of Everything We Are…

Flattered, I’m Sure, And What Does Modern Child Mistakenly Chalk Up To The Humongous Homogenous Win Column Of God?

They’re threatening their lucky stars to shoot.” ~ 13 & God

puny humans

“We must, so far as we can, make ourselves immortal, and strain every nerve to live in accordance with the best thing in us; for even if it be small in bulk, much more does it in power and worth surpass everything.” ~Aristotle

3-week old Humpback whale .

To add more perspective.

windows of opportunity

Xkcd often speaks to my mind on a level so deep, it makes me tremble. O.o

That’s right, the stick figure knows how it feels! You are not alone! 😛

OOH holy crap…


Sixth Human Foot found in Canada

Another human foot encased in a running shoe has been found on the shores of British Columbia in Canada, the second this week and the sixth within a year.

Like, who the HELL does that?!


Hot or Cold?! ^.^

An article by The Daily Galaxy recently claimed that sunspots previously observed on the Sun have disappeared:

Although periods of inactivity are normal for the sun, this current period has gone on much longer than usual and scientists are starting to worry—at least a little bit. Recently 100 scientists from Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and North America gathered to discuss the issue at an international solar conference at Montana State University. Today’s sun is as inactive as it was two years ago, and solar physicists don’t have a clue as to why.

In the past, they observed that the sun once went 50 years without producing sunspots. That period coincided with a little ice age on Earth that lasted from 1650 to 1700. Coincidence? Some scientists say it was, but many worry that it wasn’t.

Now this 11-year low in Sunspot activity has raised fears among a small but growing number of scientists that rather than getting warmer, the Earth could possibly be about to return to another cooling period. The idea is especially intriguing considering that most of the world is in preparation for global warming.

Hmm..an alternative to global warming? Atleast we have options…

Emotion is a part of nature. They run the gamut of our lives – from survival instincts, to …survival instincts. Perhaps one state of emotion that we as humans strive towards is happiness. You can argue with this one, and say “No, no, I strive towards calmness or inner-peace,” or “I don’t care about happiness because it’s relative.” Regardless, I asked myself “What makes us happy? *hands microphone to Daniel Gilbert*

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